Making a great CV

A well made CV is your passport to a world of opportuinity. In this Series of blog posts, Geraldine White discusses what makes a great CV by giving pointers, tips and tutorials on CV building, cover letter writing, references and interviews.

Here are some tips to follow when writing your CV:

  1. Professionally presented (well structured in chronological order, good grammer, spell checked.)
  2. Simple (less is more.)
  3. Clean, Clear and concise (easy to read.)
  4. Be truthful (integrity is vital.)
  5. Direct (get to key points quickly.)
  6. Regularly update your CV with new achievements, experience etc.
  7. Highlight clearly your strengths & values and how you can use these in the job.
  8. Convince prospective employers you have the right skills, experience, behaviour, & attitude, they are looking for (Better the match – more likely you will be called for interview.)
  9. Ideally 1 or 2 A4 (plain white) pages will impress & impact more than lots of detail spread over 3/4 pages.
  10. Leave out irrelevant or negative information (sell yourself.)
  11. Use headings/sub-headings, bullet points.
  12. Remember First impressions count – a sloppy unprofessional CV will be interpreted as a reflection of the sender.


Geraldine White

CE officer at NCU LTD